• We make the cloud simple

    We make the cloud simple by listening to our clients, understanding their needs and advising on the best cloud options available to them.
    Hosted desktops, Data backup, Disaster recovery.
    Our cloud services will simplify your IT systems and reduce your costs.

  • Private and Public Cloud Options

    We provide services from our own London based data centre and from Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform. With Binary Bank you can choose where your data is located to suit your business needs.

  • Simplify your IT system with Hosted Desktops

    Hosted desktops will reduce your IT capital expenditure, simplify your IT system and increase your operational flexibility. Hosted desktops will help secure your data and standardise your applications across your business.

  • 3CX Telephone System

    3CX is a telephone system that runs on standard PC hardware which means it is far cheaper to buy and operate than a traditional telephone system. 3CX is a game changer in terms of cost, functionality and flexibility. We can host your system or install onsite.

For companies who are tired of making large investments in IT and telecoms, our managed hosting services will simplify and transform your IT infrastructure.

Hosted Desktops

Hosted desktops let you work from any device from almost any location but from your familiar Windows desktop. As your hosted desktop is stored at our data centre you can access whenever you need to. Our hosted desktops are secure, fast and updated with the latest software. Security and peace of mind are built in with regular backups to a separate data centre so your data is totally secure.

We can tailor your hosted desktops to your companies needs with many options to suit your budget.


We can replicate your servers and essential desktop machines off site so in the event of a disaster at your place of work you can switch to copies held at our data centre. The replication service runs at 15 minute intervals so your off site backup servers are always up to date and ready to be used. Our service is easy to setup and requires no additional hardware on site. So in the event of fire, flood or other catastrophes you can simply switch to your backup system.

Telephone systems

3CX is a software based telephone system that uses VoIP, (the technology for placing calls over the internet), to deliver crystal clear call quality. 3CX can be used as a local on-premise telephone system or it can be hosted from our data centre for added resilience. It has many useful features including voice mail, call recording and a mobile client for your smart phone. With 3CX you get 2000 minutes of free calls to landlines and 200 minutes of free calls to mobiles every month per user.

Binary Blog

Stay up to date with cloud IT news, advice and helpful hints. Read how we have solved common problems for other companies, just like yours, with our managed cloud services. Read how we have simplified the cloud for other clients and made their IT systems simple and uncomplicated.

Other services

All of your day to day IT needs can be covered by our help desk saving you the need to use multiple suppliers. We can help you with everything from domain registration, internet connectivity, security, email and more.


Proactive support to protect your business, allowing you to deliver on your promises to your customers. Enjoy service level agreements as clear as day and in your favour plus Real Time System Monitoring and Proactive Care solutions.

Whatever your IT needs, whether an onsite network, a hybrid system or cloud services, we’re here to help. Contact us today on 01277 280008 to discuss your requirements and see how Binary Bank can support  your transition into a business class IT environment.