Windows Server 2003 End of life

The Clock is Ticking on Windows Server 2003 End of life: Are you Prepared?

Windows Server 2003 End of life  announcement. On July 14 2015, Microsoft will close the doors on Windows Server 2003 and support for this operating system will be no more. Warnings have been bandied about for almost two years now, but despite this, many businesses are still unaware of the substantial financial implications and security risks associated with continuing to run the system past what is known as its ‘end of life’ date. Read more

Get Peace of Mind: Get a Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses of all sizes absolutely have to have a Disaster Recovery Plan. In fact, some commercial insurers demand it.

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘disasters won’t happen to my business’, you really should think again. Any event that stops you from trading can be classed as a disaster. It could be anything from a public transport strike or harsh weather conditions that prevent key staff getting into work, to police incidents, terrorist alerts, power cuts or problems at the local telephone exchange.  Read more