Hooded Hacker

Testimonial following a Ransomware attack.

Last week one of our clients became a victim of a Ransomware attack. The Malware infection encrypted important files on the server at ‘ITS’ and demanded payment.

Binary Bank provides a comprehensive Data Back-up and recovery service to ‘ITS’.

When the Malware hit; ‘ITS’ were fully prepared with an up to date Back-up and did not have to succumb to the demands. With the Disaster Recovery also in place, a restore to the previous back-up that is taken daily, ‘ITS’ were able to continue with their daily business with drama or fuss.

Binary Bank can back up any type of server, application or database from virtual or physical machines, we then store that backup in our data centre securely. Every time you add data or change a file on your server, we copy those changes to our data centre so your ‘backup server’ is always up to date and ready to run. Read more

Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops

Your Windows Desktop Any Time, Anywhere

vDesk Hosted Desktops means you would have your Windows desktop at your fingertips, anywhere, any time with all your favourite Microsoft software to hand and always up to date.

vDesk Hosted Desktops from Binary Bank provide lots more besides. We are great believers that IT works best when you make the complex simple. By moving your desktop access and storage to the cloud with vDesk Hosted Desktops, you really will be simplifying your life. Read more

Binary Bank Team

Here to Help.

The Binary Bank team have a wealth of expertise and experience when it comes to tailor made solutions, ensuring a supportive way of working.
We have a thing about keeping IT simple creating a straight forward life.

Consulting us in the early stages of your requirements lets us build and create strategies that help keep your costs down and ensures business continuity. Read more