Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Nearly every business in the world – from small and mid-sized business to large enterprise organisations – needs to keep data safe and available during planned and unplanned downtime. If downtime does occur, due to natural disaster, malicious attack, or human error, organisations must be able to recover to normal working conditions as soon as possible.

Most customers find it burdensome and costly to maintain the hardware and software required to protect all their workloads when outages occur. Binary Bank’s Disaster Recovery service protects your server and data in real time, if your server fails and your data and applications are lost we can have a backup server running in our data centre within 15 minutes. No drama, no fuss, its business continuity at its best.

We are experts in data backup and disaster recovery. For the last 15 years we have protected our client’s data from loss and corruption through our off-site data backup and disaster recovery service.


We can back up any type of server, application or database from virtual or physical machines, we then store that backup in our data centre securely. Every time you add data or change a file on your server, we copy those changes to our data centre so your ‘backup server’ is always up to date and ready to run.

In the event of a disaster that damages your server or data, our recovery team is ready to support you and get your system running in in the shortest possible time.


We simply run your backup server from our data centre, and you then access it and continue to work normally.  You can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.


We provide a turnkey solution that’s adaptable to fit into any existing server environment. From the very beginning our technical team aim to deliver a proven disaster recovery service that will allow you to minimise any potential downtime caused by a single server failure through to a complete shutdown of your network caused by malware.


Servers can be restored back to their original hardware, onto new hardware at your site or into our data centre and then accessed over a secure VPN from your site.


Our service is comprehensive and designed around the client’s specific needs in relation to their network and their specific recovery goals.


Our service covers the following:

  • The implementation of the disaster recovery service at your premises
  • The first backup of your system and a data consistency check
  • An initial dry run recovery to test the system
  • Ongoing system monitoring with continued periodic data consistency checks
  • Biannual system recovery in a sandbox environment for testing and assurance
  • Standby data recovery team 24/7 ready to respond to any disaster recovery request
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Annual review with your technical account manager.


As the reliance we place on our IT systems has increased over the years, the risk of downtime has become a major concern. The increase of malware that encrypts data and then demands a ransom means that the cost of recovering from an attack can be tens of thousands of pounds. Data backup with a disaster recovery option is an essential part of a multiple layered approach to data security, and if all else fails it is your last option that will get you back and running.

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