Ransomware attacks via RDP

Ransomware attacks via RDP.

Ransomware attacks will always be prevalent. As part of our service here at Binary Bank we will always endeavour to keep you informed and keep reminding you, how to protect yourselves and your companies.

We choose Avast for our cyber-security software and one of their recent blogs explains how you can protect yourself from cyber criminals.

In short the key points are:

1) Make sure your RDP connection is not open to the internet.

2) Always use strong passwords.

3) Back up, back up, and… BACK UP!


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Our New Survey Response

Our New Survey Response

We have recently introduced a survey response service, which we email out to clients once a case is closed or scheduled work has been completed, inviting clients to give us their feedback.

This is an opportunity not only for positive feedback but also a chance to iron out any issues.

We welcome all feedback to help maintain our relationship with our clients. Read more