Recently our help desk has received quite a lot of queries stating that scammers have contacted our clients claiming that they know their passwords and even more worryingly how correct they actually are. The scammers go on to demand a secure payment via Bitcoin threatening blackmail if failure to do so. This has come via a Data breach or a hack. Often it is large companies that are hacked and the email login and password that you used is located.Because many of us use the same password throughout (whatever website we log onto) their assumption makes us vulnerable.

We advise you to use a different password per website, however, this can become complicated with so many passwords to remember.The video link attached suggests a password manager called ‘dashlane’. Here at Binary Bank we use ‘LastPass’. This is a free add on to your browser. It is a secure way to save unmemorable but secure passwords.

If you would like more information regarding this please contact us here It is advisable not to panic if you find yourself in this situation. The following steps are advised. 1. Perform a virus scan 2. Cover your webcam when not in use 3. Never pay. There is no guarantee it will make any difference 4. Reset the password if you recognise the website that it came from 5. Turn on Two Factor. This is a simple way to verify a login or a transaction on your mobile devise 6. Update passwords regularly