Virus Alert

We thought we should warn you about 2 trojan viruses, CryptoLocker and GOZeus, which are spreading rapidly. Read more

Dispelling the Myths : VoIP

If you have been feeling nervous about moving to an internet telephony system, you can be reassured. Anxieties are based on myths that arose long ago. As long as you choose the right system, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service can now be as reliable as any analogue telephone service. When they were introduced in the 1990s, it’s true there were issues people were right to be concerned about, but internet technology has moved on at a spectacular pace since then. We use it confidently for all sorts of functions and find it truly cost effective. Read more

IT Solutions for the Remote Working Generation

IT Solutions for the Remote Working Generation. The flexible working regulations brought in over recent years have changed the working culture in this country, with far fewer of us working nine to five and many more working at home or in a variety of different locations. There are benefits to employers in not having to […]