Disaster Recovery

Don’t let Malware hold your business to ransom.

Don’t let Malware hold your business to ransom.

Malware and computer viruses have become more damaging than ever with over 60% of cyber-attacks now containing ransomware. When ransomware infects your PC or server it will encrypt your files and demand you pay to have them decrypted and released back to you. Read more

Complex IT made Simple

Staff Training

Binary Bank Ltd maintains its mantra to keep complex IT simple.

One of the ways we, as a company do this, is to always keep our staff fully up to date with training, enabling skills to develop as the industry grows and evolves. Read more

The Perfect Working Solution: Hybrid IT for Cavendish Joinery.

We recently installed a hybrid IT system for Cavendish Joinery which included incorporating their industry specialist software. The transformation has made an incredible difference to working efficiency, and the transition was seamless. Read more