Binary Bank could have helped the CPS to avoid £200,000 fine & embarrassment with 5 simple mouse clicks & encryption .

In case you missed the headlines: CPS fined £200,000 over theft of interview film laptops

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has been fined £200,000 by the Information Watchdog after the theft of laptops containing videos of police interviews.

Binary Bank could have helped the CPS to avoid this £200,000 fine, plus the associated costs of their legal defence, their embarrassment & ultimate loss of face – with 5 simple mouse clicks.

They could have used Drive Encryption tools that have been an integral part of Windows since XP. The tools can also protect data on fixed drives and files stored on external drives such as USB sticks.

To secure your end user devices and data by encryption we have created a straight forward set up guide to help you.

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