Traditional & Hybrid IT

Traditional & Hybrid IT Systems

Traditional & Hybrid IT Systems are both now common place in business. Hosted desktops are fast becoming the IT system of choice, but not every business is ready or able to make the move to the cloud.

If this is you, we can help with a comprehensive service in traditional onsite networks, as well as hybrid systems if you’re planning a staged migration to the cloud or a fully cloud based system is simply not practical or right for you. By placing your IT needs in the hands of experts who share decades of experience, you can be sure that whatever system you select from our considered recommendations, it will be skilfully configured to suit your precise requirements.

Understanding Your Needs

When considering Traditional & Hybrid IT Systems, it all starts with an evaluation of your IT needs. Our Senior Account Manager will visit you at your premises and invest time in understanding your concerns with your existing system. He’ll get to know how your business relies on IT, and will discuss some suggestions and ideas to improve and streamline how you work. With more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, there’s a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

We believe IT works best when you make the complex simple. So every recommendation we make is focused on making life easier for you. We’ll use our knowledge and experience to come up with tailored solutions and make clear recommendations – minus any jargon – so it’s easy for you to make an informed choice.

Everything Taken Care of

Our aim is for you to feel you’ve been taken care of in every aspect of your IT needs, from choosing your new system to installation, configuration, training and aftercare. It’s about building a lasting relationship, and continuing to proactively deliver with recommendations and support.

              • Traditional on-Premise IT systems
              • Hybrid systems: part traditional, part cloud
              • Individually tailored & scalable IT solutions
              • Traditional system upgrades
              • Cloud integration
              • Clear choice of recommendations
              • System supply, installation & configuration
              • Expert technical planning service
              • Range of support options

For a Simple Transition to a Streamlined IT System, Choose Binary Bank

With Binary Bank, the smoothest of transitions to your new IT system is guaranteed. We’re meticulous when it comes to planning so that your installation runs like clockwork, and we’re committed to devising the perfect solution that delivers the utmost in efficiency and competitive advantage for your business.

Free Consultation

To arrange your free, no-obligation consultation including an onsite needs evaluation visit, please get in touch.