Your Windows Desktop Any Time, Anywhere

vDesk Hosted Desktops means you would have your Windows desktop at your fingertips, anywhere, any time with all your favourite Microsoft software to hand and always up to date.

vDesk Hosted Desktops from Binary Bank provide lots more besides. We are great believers that IT works best when you make the complex simple. By moving your desktop access and storage to the cloud with vDesk Hosted Desktops, you really will be simplifying your life.

Your FLEXIBLE Hosted Desktop, Tailored to Your Needs

Because you have individual needs, we’ve made vDesk Hosted Desktops flexible. You get a variety of options, applications and features. And you also get all the help you need in making the right choices for your business too.

vDesk Hosted Desktops are not a packaged product like many other hosted desktops. They are tailored to your needs, and it’s those needs we make our business to understand. We’ve also applied our decade of experience in hosted services to ensure this hosted desktop is powered by what we believe to be the most versatile product: Citrix XenApp.

Work Smart with vDesk Hosted Desktops

vDesk Hosted Desktops allow smart working. Access your Windows desktop and software from any internet enabled device, anywhere you happen to be. Give remote workers central access. Let staff work on their own familiar devices. Forget tiresome manual backups. Stop paying for expensive software licence upgrades. Enjoy peace of mind, save space and reduce costs.

  • Anytime access to your own Windows desktop
  • All your favourite Microsoft & any other business applications you use: on demand
  • Latest software versions available instantly
  • Email & calendar options
  • Power & space saving PCs
  • Work from any internet enabled device
  • Automated cloud back-ups: data can never be lost
  • Add new users with ease
  • Easy to scale up as your business grows
  • Online security guaranteed with no additional licence fees

For a Smooth Transition to the Cloud, Choose Binary Bank

Because making things simple is what we do, you’ll find the transition to the cloud a breeze when you choose Binary Bank. We’ll take care of everything, with meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Free Consultation

To arrange your free, no-obligation consultation including an onsite needs evaluation visit, please get in touch.

If you would like to receive more information on vDesk and a detailed proposal specific for your business then please contact us here and one of our technical design team will be in touch.